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September 7, 2013

Our old calendar has not been updated with the new sermons. We’ve been working on a new web site, but don’t have it quite ready yet. However, the calendar on that site is where the latest sermons are listed on the web. Click here to see the Events Calendar on our new site.

man sitting on platform with electric bass guitar

Photo of Van Caldwell taken at Fish Fry and Open Mic on September 7, 2013

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 7, Van Caldwell will lead the service at 10:30, “Ingathering Service and a Celebration of Who We Are”. Members will bring water for our annual water communion and Van Caldwell will share his thoughts on “Feeling Good about Being a Unitarian Universalist and a Member of Davies Memorial UU Church.”

This is our ingathering, the first service of our church year. Summer is ending and Fall is in the air. We gather to reconnect with each other and celebrate life with all its joyful sorrows and sorrowful joys. And re-dedicate to liberal religion, one of the best hopes for the well being of human kind.

Be sure to bring a sample of water from a special place you visited during the summer (we will have some if you forget) and share with us how the place, the time was special.  We encourage families to let their children to tell their summertime stories. If you forget, we will have a common water vessel from which to share. The combined water is symbolic of our shared faith coming from many different sources.

hand holding small container pours into large decorative bowl

Pouring water during Water Communion

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