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“The Pursuit of Friendship and Happiness…” in Camp Springs near Clinton, MD

July 20, 2013
Thoreau quote over winter scene about understanding ourselves

Design by Jessica Ferguson of UU Media Collaboration.


July 21 – “The Pursuit of Friendship and Happiness–A Unitarian Road Map” – Laura Walker – The difficulties in finding happiness when one has a Unitarian mind, that is–a mind filled with skepticism and the awareness that much about the human experience is rather depressing. Laura Walker is a law professor at George Mason, and member of Mount Vernon UU Church.

Children’s Activity: Science and Art with Valerie Shelton


This is an event our members and friends might want to attend:

PRELUDE TO A DREAM Mass Meeting & Concert

On August 25, 2013 at Enon Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD and August 27, 2013, at Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in Washington, D.C., THE MARCH Civil Rights Opera Project will present Prelude to a Dream to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Prelude to a Dream dramatizes events on the volatile eve of the march.

After the mass meeting performance, librettist Alan Marshall and composer D.S. Jones will preview the grand finale of THE MARCH: A Civil Rights Opera. This scene at the Lincoln Memorial features characters who delivered speeches at the 1963 march including A. Philip Randolph, John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr, Roy Wilkins and others.

It is free, though donations are being accepted, and tickets are available.

“We believe that THE MARCH Civil Rights Opera Project can educate and inspire the next generation about our work in the civil rights movement.” – Courtland Cox, president SNCC Legacy Project.

“We support projects like THE MARCH that reflect the spirit of 1960’s civil rights movement.” – Julian Bond, vice president SNCC Legacy Project

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