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“Keeping small racial slights from becoming huge problems at work, play or church” in Camp Springs, MD – free to all

June 19, 2013

Davies church is now in summer mode. Our principles of searching for truth and meaning, valuing each person’s worth and dignity, and treating people with justice, respect, and compassion are 3 reasons for having a variety of people share their special message with us while our minister is on break and away at our annual conference.

The first service in our summer session is “Keeping small racial Chris Bell at Davies church pulpitslights from becoming huge problems at work, play or church” by Dr. Chris Bell. This presentation during our Sun. service at 10:30 AM is something that would be appropriate for just about anyone. Chris Bell, EdD, has been our facilitator for our monthly “A Dialog in Race and Ethnicity” for several years. He is also an author and lecturer, which you can see from his site.

For those who have never attended a UU church and would like to know how it differs from a typical secular lecture, here is some general information. The service will include inspirational words, not usually of any one traditional religion, and songs. Our rituals are short and include the lighting of our chalice, personal sharing of joys and concerns, an offertory which is totally optional (if you donate cash, half of what you share will go to the community service organization, Top Banana, which delivers groceries to the homebound), and a singing benediction which includes holding hands at the end of the service (individuals who have a problem participating in that can back away or quietly leave before the end, though please do not leave). Our principles of recognizing your worth and dignity and treating all with respect and compassion will hopefully assure you that we won’t hold any expectation of visitors that our visitors would not want. Anyone from any religious background may attend. Please let us know in private if we have been disrespectful to you in any way.

We will have soup following the service. Guests do not need to donate, but donations will go the Oxon Hill Food Pantry. We usually have other refreshments and wonderful conversation. Dr. Bell will be available to talk with you after the service also.

Bring children if you have them. Nursery care is provided and there’s Summer Activity for Kids (after the first 15 minutes in worship with adults).

Please invite your friends to join us and / or share this on your social networks.

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