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Messages worth reading & hearing – from previous Sundays & tomorrow, “Being Yourself…” from new high school graduate

May 25, 2013

Last week we didn’t get the audio of Rev. Natalie Fenimore’s sermon, but she sent the text which you can read here. An important quote is here:

I will join the memory of ministers held in this circle. I hope that, over time, ministers and ministry can be seen as separate things. Ministers are people who may be remembered as doing well or doing ill. But ministry, I hope, is remembered as the ongoing care for each other that is done by so many in this congregation that it can never become a failing thing.

Tomorrow we will hear from one of the long-time members of our religious education program for children and youth who is now bridging to young adulthood as he graduates from high school. Christian James will talk about “Being Yourself and a UU in Today’s World”.

We also have audio from previous sermons here, which are not the typical sermons from your childhood.

We are also looking forward to our Memorial Day Fish Fry and Blues Jam as announced in the previous post.

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