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Giving Holiday Celebrations in Camp Springs, near Clinton #md

December 15, 2012

Last Saturday night, we had our Candles and holly decorating the pulpit areaannual Trim-a-Tree party and the next day we had a wonderful service with our annual Mitten Tree – both celebrations were for all ages. Short audio clips, descriptions, and photos about our celebrations and what’s happening tomorrow is below (click on photos for larger view).

Our Trim-a-Tree party included crafts,Spread of treats on a large table decorating our tree, a great spread of treats, and lots of child play and singing. Photos of children are not available due to a need for permission. If parents or grandparents haven’t received their children’s photos, please contact Joyce.

On Sun., we had a special opening with a duet singing a song written by a local minister. Chalice Song by Linda Olson Peebles sung by Connie Coombs and Joyce Dowling, accompanied by Denise Brenner. Here’s a short clip (sorry, this site doesn’t allow embedding – it will open in a new window):

Chalice Song clip

We trimmed a special tree with Tree draped with mittens and hats and gifted stuffed bears at the basemittens, hats, and other gifts for the Beacon House Community. Gifts and more warm winter wear are being accepted tomorrow, Dec. 16. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the children and seniors where they might otherwise not have any presents.

Interfaith Power and Light director, Joelle Novey, was present; she made an announcement about the upcoming Wind Power Town Hall Meeting, which has not past and two of our members spoke at it: Preston Mears and Joyce Dowling. This was a giving of advocacy toward the future. Videos of the meeting may be available later.

The service was put on by Jeff Campbell, who saw homeless children and created an organization to collect musical instruments for them and find assistance with lessons, Hungry for Music. Member, Dixon Redditt, who is a retired music teacher, is donating all of the instruments in his basement. The gift of music given to children was also given to us by one of the recipients of this organization, Tyron Tention.   A clip with a bit of each of the two pieces he played is below (sorry, this site doesn’t allow embedding – it will open in a new window):

Tyron Piano-playing clip

The service was followed by our new monthly Spaghetti Dinner served in exchange for donations to a good cause. Van Caldwell started the new tradition and is being assisted by MaryEmma Bohl in the photo below.


Tomorrow, Dec. 16, we will have “Winter Tales” by Rev. Natalie Fenimore and other storytellers to celebrate the solstice. We will continue our giving for the season to UUSC through a voluntary collection for “Guest at Your Table” and the local pantry through our social gathering of soup lunch after the service.

Please join us.

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