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A World Water Day Service by Fred Tutman, Patuxent Riverkeeper #princegeorges

June 23, 2012

A World Water Day Service is focused on our local photo of fred tutman on a boatwaterways and watershed. The Patuxent Riverkeeper, Fred Tutman, will speak about the Patuxent and the River Keeper organization, during the service this Sun., June 24 at 10:30 AM.

Immediately following the service, we will host a discussion to develop an action-based Davies Patuxent River strategy. We see this service as the beginning of a long term relationship with the Patuxent Riverkeeper organization.

More about Fred Tutman:

Fred Tutman serves as the Patuxent Riverkeeper. Before founding the Patuxent Riverkeeper organization he spent nearly 25 years working as a media producer and consultant on assignments all over the globe. Previously, as a volunteer activist, he was involved in a number of civic causes related to conservation of the region’s waterways and has long been a zealous presence in zoning and planning causes aimed at preserving rural lands along the Patuxent River. After learning of the Waterkeeper movement while a mid-life law student, Fred became the 165th Riverkeeper in the world in June of 2004. In addition to his full time duties on the Patuxent, Fred teaches an adjunct course in Environmental Law and Policy at St. Mary’s College of MD and serves on the Board of several regional and national environmental organizations . In his spare time Fred lives and works on an active farm that has been in his family since the 1920’s and enjoys doing trail maintenance on the Appalachian Trail.

Fred has appears frequently in print and electronic media in the course of his work on behalf of the environment including national public radio programs “The Signal” and “The Story” discussing the importance of grassroots activism in protecting America’s vanishing natural resources areas.

Location and directions click here.

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