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“The Little Deeds in Life” Sun., March 11 in Camp Springs, Maryland

March 5, 2012

Mali Phonpadith will speak on “The Little Deeds in Life” on Photo of young woman from Laos, Thailand as childSun., March 11 10:30 AM. She will share about her families’ journey and how a single act of kindness from the church changed and possibly saved their lives from their journey, escaping Laos to the refugee camp in Thailand. She will also share other real life stories and experiences that touch upon all the little things we do that seem so tiny but in the grand scheme of things are the most significant acts/decisions of our lives.

Mali works as the CEO of Mali Creative, an author, poet, speaker, messaging strategist, lyricist, and more. She’s written two books: A Million Fireflies and Seen & Sustained: Best Practices that Increase the Visibility for Small and Diverse Business.

Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour Sat. night or you might be late.

Directions and Contact for more information or call 301-449-4308 (you may need to leave a message; you’ll be contacted as soon as possible).

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