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Interested in Health Care or other social issues?

December 8, 2010

We got this from the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland. Is anyone from Davies attending this free Health Care program (see below)? Also, if you’d like regular updates on Social Action issues, you can subscribe to this YahooGroup.

Straight Talk on Health Reform
Learn About Progress & Challenges

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis
333 Dubois Road Annapolis, MD 21401

9:00 Coffee & Registration (free)
9:30-10:20: Vincent DeMarco, the President of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative (MCHI)

Vinny will discuss the progress made in Maryland and nationally on health care in the past few years, including how:

· Maryland expanded health care to over 200,000 parents, children and seniors and decreased smoking over the past decade;

· The new federal Affordable Care Act will help expand health care to over 30 million Americans and make health care more affordable for all of us;

· The faith community, including Unitarian Universalists, played a key role in making this success happen;

· The federal law is being implemented in our state;

· We can all assist in making sure the new law is fully and effectively implemented;

· We can help pass Health Care For All! Coalitions’ top legislative priority of increasing the alcohol tax by a dime a drink to save lives from alcohol abuse and fund continued health care expansion, and programs necessary for people with developmental disabilities, mental health needs, and drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Questions and answers with Vinny and Brooke Hisle, MCHI Coalition Director

10:20-10:35 Coffee, Conversation, and Book Signing

“The DeMarco Factor: Transforming Public Will into Political Power” by Michael Pertschuk

10:35-11:30 Howard Bedlin, Vice-President of Public Policy and Advocacy, National Council on Aging

What’s in the new health reform law affecting seniors and people with disabilities;
How the law will not cut basic Medicare benefits and will make some benefits better;
How the new law gives Maryland new options to make it easier to receive and pay for long-term care at home;
Challenges facing Maryland’s Medicaid program and how state advocates can help ;
Impact of new law on Medicare spending, Medicare solvency and the budget deficit;
Attempts in Congress to repeal or amend the new law.

Discussion follows with Howard Bedlin, a health care lobbyist in DC for over 25 years.

For additional information, please contact: info[at]

Funded in Part by the Fund for UU Social Responsibility

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