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Comments & Climate Change Sermon

October 19, 2010

I am sorry that I, the church volunteer who edits this blog, is not available to moderate comments, therefore comments have been discontinued. I believe commenting on our Facebook Page is open to members, though. Retweeting and commenting on Twitter is also an option, but does not result in a discussion. Members of our Green Sanctuary Committee discuss and there is an email address to that committee on our web site.

The sermon mentioned in our last post was titled, “Confronting Noah and Ourselves: Our Religious Response to Climate Change”. You can read it here:

The audio and video will be available later. If you’d like a link to them when they’re posted, feel free to email web [at] (reformatting the email address by changing the [at] to @ and using no spaces – this is spam prevention).

Thanks for your interest in the work at Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church that we do for the Earth. More about it here:


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